Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spray it, Don't Say it

The Ke Center was almost a repeat scare of when we went to Nanjing Museum because we had a little difficulty finding its location. Fortunately we found the center and we found the art. The exhibit was great (and free). I highly recommend going. Its not far at all either. A lot of art pieces caught my eye but the ones I'd like to focus are the three I posted. The first one above is by Leang Seckon, called "Country Boy-City Boy." This one really interested me because of the contrasting pictures. Based on the title of the art, I found that the two really of are two different things. The left side showed innocence because of the child, yet ignorance because of the cigarette box. There is so much less detail (minus the sewed notebook) compared the city boy because the city boy, I feel, experiences more in life, meaning mainly that a city boy may learn from their mistakes because of experience. This picture hit me because I feel that I can relate to the both the country life and city life coming from my background. I feel that the country life shows innoncence and lack of experience while the city life shows maturity, adventure, and mainly just experience. It just shows great opposites between the two.

The one above is by Chan Dany, called "Evolution." I like this one mainly because of its message-evolution and wasting away our natural resources. The artist used pencil shavings for his design. One can see how much natural resources we waste amongst ourselves just by looking at this one picture; the amount of wood wasted for really nothing. It's just interesting because you see how much we've grown and how we have grown brought about consequences, unfortunate consequences. The art work shows beauty in the unfortunate waste we produce.

This third one is by Tuan Andrew Nguyen, a Vietnamese artist and filmaker. The graffiti is simple and typical. You can see graffiti everywhere back in America. Graffiti was always a means of expression. What impressed me was the lack of freedom Vietnamese people had (well...with the present situation and all, it's pretty obvious). But this was interesting because of the video. People would get severely punished if caught tagging a wall. They would be tazored by the police. It just makes you see the freedom that we take granted. Sure we can get punished for tagging walls but the extent of the punishment is so different. The freedom of speech is something that is everso important.

With everything that is going around me right now, I never really realized the amount of freedom we truly have. It is so different. People say and you learn about that lack of freedom everywhere else but it really doesn't hit until you face it first hand. Just being in China and seeing the Vietnamese and Cambodian art...it just changes your perspective and lets you see how progression in other countries is just lacking because of such great restraints. The art, the emotion put in can't be described. It is just incredible to see how different and hard life can be when one is not allowed to express themselves.

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