Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Ke ai de" Creepy Corner

Like the Comfort Exhibit, the Ke Art Center is hot too, except without the ackwardly ironic name(to add to the problem I walked to the center from the apartment: leave the rest to imagination). But I'm by myself so hygiene can take a back seat to my appretiation of art.
First a brief tour of the facilities...
You're greeted by this thing:

Sort of funny no? Reminds me of an eardrum, maybe to symbolize a listening attitude, but I'm just throwing out random guesses.
Next turn left and you are greated by:
Floating brains perhaps? Next to these floating hardhat brains is a projected video of man randomly riding on his bike wearing one these hardhat brains. The process of coming of up with an idea can be random, but dangerous as well (that seems to be the theme of this particular exhibit, science and it's dangers) And how can I miss everyones favorite "evolution exhibit made out of pencil shavings.This one is sort of funny, science is like doodling, kiddy, creative and silly. Val, Hanah, and Michelle have spent good time on this piece. I concur with their opinions.
The next two rooms are one of political intrigue and social unrest (pictures of protests and arrests etc. and graffiti and a curved wall). And that's it, another small exhibit to be sure... unless you venture up stairs.

What truly caught my attention was something I happened to stumble upon.
What's the name of the piece, who painted it? I have not clue. I did not stay long enough to find out, but perhaps that in itself is testament to how engrossing the atmosphere it created was. It's really creepy. Much like how The Ring, or the Grudge (horror movies) will use little children to unnerve their audience, so does this exhibit. Image dead babies that stair at you (I think the heat was getting to my head). The dimly lit stairwell obscures your vision and forces you to take a closer look at the circular paintings on the wall. A closer look rewards you a pair of pentrating eyes, and a child or creature with its head titled foward, ready to slowly crawl out of its window. There's no one around, and the swelting heat just suddenly became stiffling. What results is a brilliant (accidentital?) exhibit that plays with your emotions and proceeds to give them a give twist. I stood there for a minute at most, took a picture and left, but serveral seconds in front of a couple of creepy babies was the highlight and lowlight of my ke art excersion.

Still sweating, from I don't know, I left in hurry. Down the steps around the the other exhibits, and past that ackward eardrum. On my walk back to the apartment I had plenty to think about, and I decided that I might forget the brains, or the pencil shavings, or the graffiti, but I must pray,
Ke ai the baby, please don't haunt me

In my book, that's a good exhibit and good fun

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