Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shanghai Avent Garde: Zha Guojun and Zhou Jiahua

Zhou Jiahua
Date of Birth: 1956 Shanghai, China
Education: Shanghai Theater Academy of Fine Arts Department July 1980
Work: Shanghai Oil Painting Sculpture house: Associate Professor
Shanghai Agricultural Exhibition Hall Art and Design
Shanghai Moma
Mandarin Fine Art Gallery
Like many other artists of his time period, he had two sets of skills. The first of which was calligraphy. His works of modern art of course his second. Zhou Jiahua uses unique materials such as glass and porcelain in combination with oils that give his art a pop-up book nature.
Significance: Member of initial struggling contemporary artists in the 80's and 90's. Featured in Ten Painters Show, but was part of its struggle. Zhou added its name to China as early as 1980 in newspapers, magazines, with his works featuring full strong emotions and personality ( "83 'experimental and Paintings" in 1986) Many of his works he chooses to not feature in exhibits, as he like many artists of the time period, believe art to be one of lifestyle rather then profit.

Excerpts from the village collection

Zha Guojun
Date of Birth: 1943 Kunshan, Jiangsu, China

Education: Shanghai Theater Academy 1967
Traveled to the United States, where he resides
Lived in said location for 18 years, further developing his unique style

China National Museum of Fine Arts in Beijing
Shanghai Art Museum
Initially starts with landscape paintings, which he was well know for.
Moves on to oil paintings one coming to states, art adopts a surreal feel to them
"他极富表现力的抽象画里,其气势表现出强烈的波动起伏,并如火山爆发般的光芒四射,象征着一种非凡的超越。 He has a very expressive abstract art, its strong momentum is shown by the volatility of ups and downs, and a volcanic eruption-like shine, is often times a symbol of the great beyond. 在这里,虚与实交织在一起,遥远和神秘颤动着去抓住宇宙间和谐的实质。 Here is intertwined with the virtual, remote and mysterious vibration of the universe to grasp the essence of harmony."
Significance: As with Zhou Jiahua, was a member of the second wave contemporary Shanghai artists. He two was present during the closing of the "Ten Painters Show". Although he now resides in the states, his work is still shown in the area, as well as still actively creating new pieces to further push Shanghai's and China's contemporary art scene

Excerpts from the two heroes collection

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