Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Comfortable-Interesting exhibit. As I was climbing up the stairs the apartment, I never expected that the rooms themselves would be the art. Coming from a business background, art is a complete mystery, which is why I chose this class. It is interesting to see what I can get from this. So far, I like it. It's different, versatile, and open; adjectives not really used to describe accounting. What I liked most of all the art installations was the A 0.0001 Drop in Temperature. The idea, I found, was extremely clever: placing the air conditioner inside out, cooling outside instead of inside. Everything in the apartment seemed to want to break out of the confines fo the apartment. I felt that though everything was in those 4 rooms, nothing was meant for the inside: the telescope, the break in the wall, the foamed tiles, the smoke escaping from the draw, the art about homosexuality and the "outside" air conditioner. The message concerning the air conditioning was very interesting because it was such an unique yet, in a way, obvious idea. The air trying to cool the hot Shanghai weather, making a 0.0001 difference. Though it is small, it still can make a difference. It just made me realize that even the smallest difference is a change.

The SH Contemporary Art Fair was also a sight. The paintings and sculptures were eye-opening, colorful, and some were highly detailed. I left remembering the old and learning the new. The art piece of the gigantic pig and its mini piglets obviously represented greed and the evils of materialism. So many jewels, gold blocks, and selfish piglet followers. It was a disturbing yet true sight to see. I unfortunately did not gather any of the names of the artisits from the fair. One artist I would liked to have known was the artist who painted the picture above with all the people in the streets. I feel that represents China perfectly. There is a definite evidence of overpopulation in such concentrated areas. Just the detail and immense feeling you get from just looking at the picture created a feeling of tightness and pressure. I especially like the colors and the way it was painted. It is vibrant and detailed. The people all look the same but don't: dressed in different colors, some carrying things, others not. The people in the painting just look lost, desperate and even a little scared, all going in one direction. All cramping together to go towards one direction. It's as if they are just following the masses, going where everyone else is going without even thinking it through.

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