Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beijing was the epitome of a city going through urbanization. I loved how there are grand skyscrapers on side of the street, and golden roofs of imperial homes on the other. However, this is a controversial topic for many of the people who live there. They fear they are losing their culture with the construction of these massive structures. Many residents fight to maintain their everyday lifestyle, with the impending loom that their houses may be sacrificed at a moment’s notice. One of the more controversial buildings was the National Theater, or the “egg.”

I visited the “egg” for the first time when NYU in Shanghai took us to watch a Beijing love story. It was a grand sight to see, although admittedly a bit strange amidst the background of the Tiananmen Square. I loved the design of the building, very simple but yet very sleek. I loved how the exterior was not made exclusively from one material, and the chic contrast in the glass and regular material seemed intriguing, almost like the curve in the yin and yang.

My most favorite sight in Beijing were the Olympic venues. Fortunately for us, it had rained the day before in Beijing so we were blessed with clear skies and beautiful views of the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. The Bird’s Nest was a fantastic structure! Each intricate fold of the metal indeed resembled a bird’s nest. I could practically imagine how the opening ceremonies were like there. The Water Cube was a bit disappointing. It lacked the height of some of Beijing’s impressive buildings (including the 7-star hotel across the street from the Olympic sight) and the graceful beauty of the Bird’s Nest. Rather, it was simply a square building decorated with blue bubble-like objects. Nonetheless, I was extremely excited to be able to see the venues with my very own eyes.

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