Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lost and Found

We started with the day by planning to go see the opening of the Nanjing Museum. Sadly, we were mistaken and had the directions wrong, landing ourselves in Peoples Square. Having after walked a half an hour for the nonexistent Nanjing Museum on Beijing West Road, we stumbled upon an outdoor sculpture exhibition on Nanjing Road in People's Square. There we found beautiful sculptures of knots and ropes and beautifully carved women, made by Yu Jiyong and Wu Jingru. What impressed me the most were Wu Jingru's creation of the green and black women. The sculptures of the women seem at peace and within their own world. What impressed me the most, however, were the flowing gowns on the women, from head to foot. The color contrast and the sculpting of the gowns just seemed realistic and eloquent. Wu Jingru is a Taiwanese sculptor, but his art seemed nothing really Asian to me due to the headdress on each of the women and the slender, beautiful, lanky figures with elongated faces. Of all the sculptures, my favorite sculpture is the one of the three women holding the circular flat disc above their heads. The disc looks immense and heavy but Wu sculpted the women as if they were holding nothing but air above their head. Their dresses, it seems, are wisping through the air. The poses seem carefree, as if there was no heavy weight above them what so ever: freedom, no restraints.

Yu Jiyong's art was interesting as well. The detail he put in the ropes were so accurate. The immense size of the pieces impressed me just as much. In my mind, I thought the knots represented complexity but when undone, all that is left is a single piece of rope. It was very interesting that way the knots were sculpted and the angle the sculptures were put on.

As for the second exhibition, I had visited the Contemporary Art Fair, not realizing that this was the art fair we would be going for class. I will go more into detail of what we saw in my next post.

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