Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feng Lianghong, Yang Zhanye, and some Propaganda

The above pictures are the artwork of Feng Lianghong. He is a Shanghai artist, mainly working in Beijing and New York. His concentration seems to be on oil on canvas. He studied in the Central Academy of Art Design in Beijing. I unfortunately could not find much about him except for the fact he was in the movement of modern art in China. His work seems to be a mix of traditional and modern, specifically his art in the 90's. As you can see above, these pieces of art are oil on canvas, a mix of caligraphy and graffiti.

The above picture is a picture of the "Last Supper-The Second Show Concave." The show was a preview to Beijing's “China’s Modern Art Exhibition." Unfortunately, the exhibit was shut down the day it opened. I unfortunately could not find any additional information on Yang Zhanye. From what I can gather, Yang Zhanye was one of the eleven participating artists in the "Last Supper." This show encompassed alot of Avant Garde. Based on Zhao Chuan, modern art was always supressed in China. The difficulties of expressing oneself was tremendous and unfortunate. It just shows what great restraints artists here have to go through.

As for the Propoganda Poster Art Centre, that was amazing. It was interesting to see how propoganda art progressed through time. Such emphasis on the color red, power, and strength. I was intrigued especially by the posters with China's enemies and the constant portrayal of China stomping on their enemies (ie. USA). The posters all seem like cartoons to me, Mao as the savior for them all. DAZIBAO-handwritten posters. The history, the words, the criticism behind it was surprising. I never knew things like that existed. Having the courage to speak out, and then having the greater courage to slam on the other person's opinion...

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