Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The olympics were quite impressive and personally I didn't think it was as ugly as some people have said. I was quite impressed by its design. It was a creative idea. The bird's nest symbolized strength and coming together as one. It also sort of symbolized eco-friendliness, which I found a little ironic because of China's current pollution problems. The bird's nest really was an impressive sight however. So was the water cube, but not as much. What I found impressive was the fact that it tried to imitate soap bubbles. The idea was creative and execution was pretty good, but up close, the water cube looked pretty dirty.

What I liked most was the National Theatre. That was a sight to see and it was beautiful. The water surrounding the "egg" was absolutely amazing. The architecture of it does not really fit the Beijing surrounding but as a building, it was quite impressive. It seemed that Beijing mainly just tried to top everything in regards to architecture. I feel that a lot of symbolic meaning went into building these buildings.

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