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Positions on Chinese Modernity

List of Articles from Chinese Art Magazine

Leng Lin, 'The China Dream' (vol.1, no.1, 3-5)
Pi Li, 'My life, my decision: the political nature of Chinese contemporary art' (vol.2, no.5, 15-18)
Yin Jinan, 'What next, Ultra-Postmodernism?' (vol.1, no.4, 9-11)
Zhu Qi, 'Do Westerners really understand Chinese avant garde art?' (vol.2, no.3, 13-17)

Surveys of issues and tendencies

Leng Lin, 'Nine Chinese artists' (vol.1, no.5, 3-7)
(Wang Guangyi, Yu Youhan, Li Shan, Yue Minjun, Yang Shaobin, Liu Wei, Qi Zhilong, Zeng Fanzhi, Guo Jin)
Liao Wen, 'The turbulent history of Chinese feminist values and art' (vol.1, no.2, 3-7)
Li Xianting, 'The pluralistic look of Chinese contemporary art since the mid-nineties' (vol.2, no.1, 3-14)
Li Xianting, 'Some more thoughts on the raison d'��tre of Gaudy Art' (vol.2, no.2, 3-14)
Pi Daojian, 'The history of black-and-white: fifty years of evolution in ink and wash' (vol.2, no.5, 3-13)
Pi Li, 'Threading our way through the images' (vol.1, no.3, 9-11)
Shimizu Toshio with Robert Bernell, 'Chinese contemporary photography and video art' (vol.2, no.5, 26-30)
Wang Yiyang with Robert Bernell, 'The Collection of Dongyu Museum of Fine Arts' (vol.2, no.3, 19-23)
Yang Xiaoyan, 'A glimpse into recent contemporary art in Guangzhou' (vol.1, no.4, 3-7)
Yang Wei, 'Chinese contemporary art after the move from Yuanmingyuan to Songzhuang' (vol.2, no.5, 20-23)
Yi Ying, 'Bad painting' (vol.1, no.3, 3-7)
Zhu Qi, 'Why has art become so pretty of late? : an analysis of Chinese avant garde art in the late nineties' (vol.2, no.3, 3-11)

Reviews and Events

Yi Ying, 'First annual Chinese Contemporary Art Award: a new perspective' (vol.1, no.6, 3-4)
Ai Weiwei with Robert Bernell, 'The first Chinese contemporary art awards' (vol.1, no.6, 7-8)
Mathieu Borysevicz, 'On Inside Out' (volume 1, no.6, 22-25)
Leng Lin, 'Shi wo / It's Me' (Vol.1, no.6, 28-29)
Bull, Hank, 'Second Shanghai Biennale' (vol.1, no.6, 38-39)
Stephanie Tasch, 'Fast>> Forward: new Chinese video art' (vol.2, no.2, 34-37)
Stephanie Tasch, 'Art for Sale' (vol.2, no.3, 37-41)
Li Xianting, from 'Polyphenolrene' (vol.2, no.3, p.43)
Chinese Art at the Venice Biennale:
Francesca Dal Lago: The Virtual Reality of Chinese Contemporary Art (vol.2, no.4, 3-10)
Monica Dematt��: Chinese art...It's dAPERTutto! (vol.2, no.4, 12-23)


Artist materials
Ai Weiwei with Robert Bernell (vol.1, no.6, 8-11)
Cai Guoqiang by Huang Du (vol.1, no.5, 12-13)
Cai Guoqiang by Britta Erickson (vol.2, no.4, 29-32)
Ding Yi by Monica Dematt�� (vol.1, no.2, 13 )
Gu Wenda by Pamela Kember (vol.2, no.3, 28-33)
Hong Lei & Wu Xiaojun by Leng Lin (vol.1, no.5, 9)
Huang Yongping by Huang Du (vol.1, no.5, 12-14)
Huang Yongping by Mathieu Borysevicz (vol.2, no.4, 33-35)
Liu Xiaodong by Yi Ying (vol.1, no.1, 7-8)
Liu Wei by Li Xianting (vol.1, no.2, 9-10)
Ma Liuming by Mathieu Borysevicz (Vol.1, no.6, 43)
Xie Nanxing by Harald Szeemann (vol.1, no.6, 14-15)
Xu Bing by Britta Erickson (vol.1, no.4, 13-18)
Yang Mian by Harald Szeemann (vol.1, no.6, 15-16)
Zhan Wang by Britta Erickson (vol.2, no.3, 24-26)
Zhuang Hui by Mathieu Borysevicz (vol.1, no.4, 20-24)
Zhang Peili by Mathieu Borysevicz (vol.2, no.2, 31-32)
Zhang Peili with Francesca Dal Lago (vol.2, no.4, 25-27)
Zhang Xiaogang by Zhang Xiaogang (vol.1, no.2, 12)
Zhou Tiehai by Harald Szeemann (vol.1, no.6, 13-14)
Zhou Tiehai by Natalie Tasch (vol.1, no.6, 18-19)

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