Thursday, March 06, 2008

My attempt to go to the 140sqm gallery

Alright so I got the email Saturday about our assignment and how we had to go to either the 140sqm gallery or the Bund 18 Creative Center one. Only problem was I didn't know where I was going. So I went and asked Steven at the academic building, that was somewhat helpful but I still had no idea. So then I emailed our professor and she said that the travel was part of the adventure (to which I'm not surprised about at all, as it should be). By this point it was Tuesday and I was speaking to a friend of mine who had been here last semester and pointed out that I should try using Smartshanghai to map out where these places were. I was able to track down the website for the Bund 18 place (wasn't hard at all). So I eventually obtained the locations for these two places leading into Tuesday evening and I called the Bund 18 place to find out what time they closed but no answer so I ended up trying this again on Wednesday to find out they were open from 11am to 6pm. However, on Wednesday we have our 2 credit required class in the afternoon (which of course slightly late). But anyway by the time I left, I wasn't sure if I would make it for 6pm place. So I went to go to the 140sqm (Supposedly open till 7pm).

What that leads to is the first time that I traveled the world of the Shanghai subway system alone, I do have to say it was as much of a breeze as possible. With it being around 5pm and fairly dense it wasn't all that bad. I went to Zhong Shan park and took the 2 out to People's Square where I could transfer to the 1 to take that to Chang Su Lu. I did run into a few people who I believe were from England heading to the L.A. Galaxy football [soccer] game and chatted with them for a bit. After heading out of the subway stop I was able to get my bearings and find Baoqing lu and head down over to Fuxing lu. I found 1331 Fuxing lu but it was but another apartment building, this one was different though - the area was lit lowly and the place looked pretty much like a house. There were mail boxes inside and a dark corridor leading to an elevator. Being by myself, I was a bit unsure so I went to the Coldwell banker next door, asked them where 1331 fuxing zhong lu was and they pointed to the direction of the apartment building I had just come from. So I went back and happened to catch someone going in, asked them the same question (it happens that this person spoke English, that gave me a nice sigh of relief). So I treaded up to room 26 and saw a sign for 140sqm to the left. Then saw a sign for it, but what of course the lights were off. I did hear something from behind the door so I knocked a bit but to no avail. It looks as if they closed up shop a bit early that day (The website says they are open until 7 and I was there a bit after six). I will attempt my endeavor again on Friday and hope to obtain better results!

Although the best part may be that on the way back. I ended up speaking briefly to a Chinese man in the Subway, then talking to a lawyer from California that works here in Shanghai. But beyond that I went to grab a bite to eat for dinner and after that on my way out there was a English speaking person having trouble ordering. He explained that he wanted to have a beer while he was waiting for take out and it was great to be able to help both sides and order for him in Chinese and make the whole matter simpler. I felt fairly accomplished even though it's simple Chinese, but being able to help out just made me feel pretty good!

(Oh and if you're wondering why I didn't want to simply take a taxi, it's cause taxi's ruin all the fun. How the heck would I know where things were if I took taxi's all the time.)

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