Thursday, March 06, 2008

Exhibition Openings (March 15): Safety First

The same day Shanghai Gallery of Art opens a painting a show.

Safety First
Opening Time of Exhibition:19:00, 15th, March 2008
Time of Exhibition: 16th, March—23rd, March 2008
Venue of Exhibition: Fei Art Center, 3rd Floor, No.120 Old Humin Rd.(near Binyang Rd.)
Art Director: Li Xiaofei
Curator: Tang Dixin
Assistant Curator: Kang Xusheng
Designer: Cao Wei
Technical Support: Mao Yanxin
Special thanks to Mr. Jin Feng for his great help.
Media Support: Art-Ba-Ba
Brief description: this is an experimental exhibition, which may embarrass and confuse both the artists and the spectators. The exhibition tries to proceed with the concept of safety, but perhaps not directly to it. Here maybe the custom mode of thinking is the first thing to be questioned. If our safety truly safe, and if we are doubting or re-recognizing are all focuses we emphasize. The exhibition is organized and curated by some young artists themselves who want to exhibit the so-called creations in this unconventional style of art showing. What we wondered more is how can art be with some uncertain factors?

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