Wednesday, March 05, 2008

An-Xiong Qiu's Exhibition:Void and Existence

Nostalgia, a word full of imagination. As the theme of the exhibition is some scenes in the village, it gives me a sense of reminiscence. An-Xiong Qiu is the artist who creates these artworks, who is familiar with different formats of art creation. This time , his exhibition is titled “Void and Existence,” expressing his own view of changes in human society. The exhibition hall is not very big ,with all his paintings and videos on the walls. But the whole environment is calm enough to make you close to the real life in the creations.

The video called “Nostalgia.Snow” is what I like most among all the artworks. It is about 10minutes long and shows a scene of snow . It is not a heavy snow, so when it falls at a moderate speed , it creates a magnificent effect. It reminds me with the childhood, tranquil but full of surprise! I also appreciate his other realistic videos which describe the scenery of the farm. From my point of view, the scene of the villages is always on static state. But his creations are combined with some moving subjects, a drop of water, a bull eating grass or the falling snow. They maybe represent some moving changes in the peaceful world, sometimes they are easily observed but sometimes not.

In his paintings , we may have different ways thinking about the relations between human and nature. For two pictures of the similar theme, one is in warm color ,the other is almost in white and black, they tell us different relations between human and nature. The former is more promising and joyful but the latter is more despairing and hopeless. On the other hand , some of his paintings on canvas seem to be a little difficult for to understand ,even to get some ideas. Actually, this kind of art is always beyond me.

Fortunately, I get some surprising ideas after seeing the exhibition. The most ordinary life also contains the most profound hint.

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Matt said...

Alright so I wasn't going to comment on anything here, but your last line is gold. I was thinking similar things but you put it together well.