Thursday, March 20, 2008

140sqm - Actual Visit!

I was able to go again and actually see the exhibit at 140sqm ( (Knowing the location a bit better and actually going earlier in the day). This post goes on to detail my thoughts about it. As a side note, I decided to walk to People's Square after going to the exhibit, it took me a few hours as I was taking my time but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice to be able to get a better feel for the city. In any case, on with 140sqm!

The day that I ended up going was Sunday, March 9th. The exhibition was by an artist called Roland Fischer. My first notice of the place was simply how small the exhibition space was. I did really like it though, it was small, but well kept and in a neat area of town as well as being inside an incredibly cool building. Fischer puts people in almost all of his art and that was something I noticed fairly quickly as well. I wasn't too fond of the photos of women in water (pictures of their shoulders and head above the water) for any particular reason. I can see shooting for the natural beauty of women but I wasn't drawn to them for any real reason. Fischer also employed masses of people to create things such as a star, or simply in some cases as just a mass body of people in no particular shape. I did find the pieces with the headshots of soldiers to be intriguing, it was interesting to see this almost wall full of photos of soldiers. I also noticed that accompanying each photo was their actual name (or what I believed to be their actual name), so not only did these people all look the same at first glance because of their uniforms - but if you were to look further you would notice that they all had their own nuances and own identities. I did also find the pieces about architecture repetition to be pretty neat, it was interesting that they were buildings from all around the world (Didn't find the selection to be amazing, but I did find them appealing).

That pretty much makes up what I thought of 140sqm, it was a relatively small space and I tried to extend my visit for as long as I could, but I got antsy and ended up leaving after about 25 minutes. Overall, I'm impressed more by the location of the exhibit then the exhibit itself however, I did find the pieces to be intriguing and at least worth a look.

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