Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Priority - Security

First Priority - Security

I fastened myself tightly to Yvon’s arm in the dark. Screaming voices and loud noises deafened my ears. People kept lifting curtains in the way, having no idea what they would meet. Besides, the air was loaded with smoke and dirt…

“What does the artist want to convey to us?” the 101st time, I asked myself.

Yet, along the way there were several strange settings. A weird man hid behind the wall, anxiously walking back and forth in a small room, destroying everything around. Some unusual signs flashed on and off, creating the atmosphere perfect for a horror movie or a crime scene.

Fortunately, before losing senses in this terrible and exciting “black hole”, we finally made through to the end, to an open place. Here we discovered every secret along the “dark way”.
Some “luminous” chickens were hanging together with each other. Staff there told me that they were planed to scare people around. Yet, they themselves were scared by dark first.
With the faintest light by my cell phone, I was shocked to find the amount of dirt in the air. If you keep staying there for more than 24 hours, it won’t be any surprise if you die for the dangerous air around.

As I walked out of the exhibition hall, or more precisely, an abandoned warehouse (way poorer than those in Moganshan 50), the 102nd time, I asked myself, “What the hell they want to tell us?”

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