Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Just wanted to quickly mention the visit to ShanghART...  What is everyone's reaction to the camel paintings by Zhou Tiehai? I really didn't like them. They looked like cheap posters that are sold at low-end malls. Maybe he's trying to say something about appropriation, but the paintings made me want to look in the opposite direction. Also, I don't feel that the concept behind his juxtaposition is that original or interesting. On the other hand, I felt somewhat drawn to the airbrushed pictures of the three women, but I think it was because they reminded me of Richard Prince's early magazine clipping photos (which are also fairly boring). 

I just found a link which explains the reasoning behind the camel... but I'm still not sold. 

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Matt said...

I thought the art itself, as far as quality was really good. I thought they looked awesome. All I could think of in regards to the camel was the cigarette icon. I too, can't decide if I really liked the Camel pieces but some of them did draw my eye and in difference to you, they certainly didn't make me look away. I did also like the piece with the 3 women, but that could be just cause I really liked the quality of the work done.