Friday, March 07, 2008

outline for Week II, III, IV

Hi All,

Below is our outline and openings. Any questions, let me know.
// For Cityweekend Internship to write a Reviews, interested parties please send me resumes.
// For Art-ba-ba- English translation opportunities, I will keep you posted.
In the meantime, can one of you pass this email to John or ask him to contact me? Thanks!

Week II
March 6:
50 Moganshan area:

Below are the names of people you met in person yesterday.
// Bizart- run by Davide Quadrio and Xu Zhen
// East Link _ Li Liang, Pippa Dennis
// Shanghart (Lorenz Helbling, Sine Beppler) & Collector Pierre Huber.

These projects were highlighted during these lectures.
// Art For Sale & Fuck off shows

Opens March 7/ Old Scriptures -Wei Guangqing Solo Exhibition at Shanghart
Ends on March 9- Lin Yilin at SGA at 3 on the Bund and Yang Hui at Duolun Museum

March 9: Paul Andreu at Literary Festival at M on the Bund
March 9: A performance by Jian Jun Zhang (as part of 366) -
11 am this Sunday, March 9, at 48 Ji An Road, near Ji Nan Road and Hu Bing Road. not far from Xin Tian
Di. The second part of the performance is at 1 pm.

Check the link:

Week III

March 13: Post up your reviews on 50 Moganshan and/or JJ's performance as part of 366
(and also your reviews of first week if you were unable to this week)

March 13:
Part I: 1 PM Zhao Chuan Lecture
Part II: You are free at this time. But on duty on March 15. Assignment on Safety show opening March 15, 7 pm (Venue of Exhibition: Fei Art Center, 3rd Floor, No.120 Old Humin Rd.(near Binyang Rd.)- Please note this opening is mandatory, and will count towards class time. Reviews need to be up by March 20.

March 14 Opening at Bizart (Korean students)
March 15 Opening- Painting Show at Shanghai Gallery of Art

Week IV
March 20: Postings on Safety show
March 20:
Part I: Zhao Chuan Lecture
Part II: Group meeting: Groups get together to discuss the two lectures and prepare for group response of 15-20 minutes each to be presented on March 27. In contrast what you have seen so far. You will receive your assignments by email. Schedule Group Meetings during the following week if needed.

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Matt said...

As I'll note in my upcoming post, sorry for not getting the 50 Moganshan post up sooner, I was ill in the middle of last week and had some catching up to do. I'm all good now and will have the post up and all due for the deadline this week.