Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Safety show -----what is real safety?

Mr Tang is trying to present us a new concept of safety by using a various different ways, breaking the routine thoughts in our mind. The whole exhibition is full of those elements common seen in our daily life. Surprisingly, most of them are embodied with some ideas related to the concern of the safety.

Once we stepped into the hall, the darkness embraced us immediately ,a bit like some kind of “spook house” created in the theme park . Crying , tension, curiosity soon conquered me to explore more, that was the beginning of this long journey for safety exploration. We observed an artist did performing art in one small room, blowing on the plastic tent . Then followed with a long long corridor with many curtains hung from the top, adding more mysterious air. Walking through the curtains is really an experience that can recall the time we grouped our way amid the darkness where there is no electricity . Having no idea about what is waiting for you in front and whether to continue the way or just give up. After passing through the corridor, we saw a shining scythe that represents the communist party , and it was a signal that introduced us to another hall.

In the all, there were hens curling up in the corner with fluorescence material so they became the leading role in the hall , attracting the eyes of all persons. Also, a lot of indicators for warnings could be found there, such as “No smoking” “No climbing” “ Poison” etc. Sophie and I were a little confused about these settings and guessed the meaning hidden behind them. Luckily, we met with a journalist who is interviewing Mr Tang during our visit. It was a good opportunity that we can follow the introduction of Mr Tang and it was really helpful for our profound understandings.

Take the “Poison” sign for example, he designed a small spotlight hung in the top,and from the light it lit ,we can easily see dust in the air, floating at a moderate speed. Most of us may have never realized its existence in our their life since is it not easily to be observed by naked eyes. But it doesn’t mean that it can be ignored at all. Just like sometimes we think that we stay in some pure and clean environment but actually it is not as clear as we thought. We think we are in safe state but how can we make sure the safety is actually what we imagined? In addition, he designed an equipment that can generate electricity but it is us who operate the machine with our own hands. I have once tried it , it is not a hard work but the process at least reminds you that electricity is not always there and there is always potential that we will lose it at any time . That is why he mentioned the big catastrophe China encountered one month age. Those curtains as well, inspired you to walk further ,though you were afraid of the obstacles in front of you. Maybe you think it is not safe ahead, but when you across it ,there is another scene.

The conception of safety varies from one person to another. We all have different definition about it and we all have our own solution when we face some dangers. Maybe we should think twice before we make a conclusion or decide whether to take a risk or not. Actually , I am a person who strongly desire for a sense of safety and in the real life it was and maybe will never have enough safety for me.

Ps: The exhibition hall itself locates in a place quite desolate. Sophie and I hesitated and lost for some time before finally find it. It is a coincidence or arranged for purpose? So , what is real safety?

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Matt said...

I think it would have been helpful for everyone to have a bit more insight from the artist, as I'll post about in a bit - it was difficult to say where he was coming from.