Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A visit to QiuAnxiong's solo exhibition of “Nostalgia”

When you think of Shanghai, perhaps the first thing that pops into your mind is the Bund.
From my perspective, Bund 18,which locates on the opposite of the famous Oriental Pearl TV Tower, is actually a place where history and modern life combine.
On the weekend, I made my way to QiuAnxiong's solo exhition named"Nostalgia"which is set on the forth floor of Bund 18 Creative Center.

In fact, the exhibition hall is very small, with only few exhibits. Here are some pictures I took to share with you.
In the center of the exhibition hall, there is a root of a tree hung on the ceiling, behind it, a picture of the tree and its reflection in the water is projected on the wall.
The following picture shows a root of a tree in the deep soil. Root is the image frequently appears in the exhibition, the image os root is always related with the relationship between people and their motherland, their hometown, the name of the exhibition is "Nostalgia"which clearly show the emotion Qiu wants tho concey in his works.
I have found some information about Qiu, he went to the Univerisityh of Kassel in Germany before returning to China in 2003, basing himself in Shanghai, and became a professor in the department of Art and Design in East China Normal University. Perhaps the power which called Qiu back to China is the emotion of nostalgia.
After many years of studying abroad, Qiu combined Eastern and Western cultures in his creations, and has carried on his own analysis of the two, especially of their two different systems of thought. Some of the exhibits show the typical image of villages in Sichuan Province in China, which is Qiu's hometown, through these works, we can clearly feel his nostalgia.

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Matt said...

Nice simple points, since I didn't go to the exhibition it was nice and easy to understand your summary. Also didn't know the artist is a professor here at ECNU.