Friday, May 02, 2008

Wu Guanzhong Donates Sixty-Six Artworks to Shanghai Art Museum

RENOWNED Chinese artist Wu Guanzhong has donated 66 of his artworks to the Shanghai Art Museum.

Museum executive director Li Lei said an agreement was signed on Monday at Wu's apartment in Beijing.

"The donation includes 30 canvas and 36 ink-wash paintings that the master created from 1963 to 2003," Li said. "Including the previous six artworks that he donated to our museum in 2005, we have 72 of his art pieces."

Wu turned down requests from numerous private collectors and organizations as he felt that these artworks were akin to his children, and many of them were the "best of the best."

But the 89-year-old still thought he needed to find a home for his "children," and he selected Shanghai Art Museum, because "the city is noted for receiving new styles and new things."

Li Lei said the museum would open a special hall to permanently display the collection. It is now tentatively planned for the third floor.

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