Thursday, May 29, 2008

Class schedule from 05.29- 06.12

Your blog entries should be descriptive of the works and shows you have been seeing. Select photos should be uploaded onto the Class Blog directly.

Visit on your own time and write about it.
May 28- June 20
Turn to Abstract: Retrospective of Shanghai Experimental Art from 1976 to 1985
Presented by: Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art
(No. 28, Lane 199 Fangdian Road, Shanghai, China)
Dates: 28 May – 20 June 2008
Artists: Cha Guojun, Chen Juyuan, Dai Hengyang, Fang Fang, Gao Jin, Guo Runlin, Huang Azhong, Jiang Depu, Leng Hong, Li Shan, Qian Peichen, Qiu Deshu, Shen Chen, Shen Tianwan, Wang Bangxiong, Wang Chunjie, Wang Jieyin, Xu Siji, Yu Xiaofu, Yu Youhan, Zhang Jianjun, Zhang Lansheng, Zhou Changjiang, Zhou Jiahua

Turn to Abstract: Retrospective of Shanghai Experimental Art from 1976 to 1985 will be held at Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art on 28, May. 1976-1985 is a special period in the history of fine arts in Shanghai. Though it had been quite a while after Cultural Revolution, the overall cultural atmosphere was still very tense. Nevertheless, experimental art of Shanghai artists had never completely discontinued during the Cultural Revolution. A lot of artists had shown their extraordinary talents and creativity during this particular decade. Despite the fact that art works created within this period were widely considered as imitation of Western contemporary art schools, it did bring fresh blood to the stagnant art scene in Shanghai in terms of innovation of artistic language.

May 29
Quiz in class.

June 5
Present outline for your finals and a plan how you will upload them or submit them to the instructor.

June 7
Opening of Exhibition on Sex/Sexuality at 140 sqm gallery

June 10, 1:30-3
Lecture by Qiu Anxiong (Confirmed- Attendance required)

June 12, 11.30- 3 pm
Final presentations.

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