Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bund Galleries

So I decided to go along and check out the shows at 3 on the Bund (Shanghai Gallery of Art) and the Bund18. I hadn't been to these places yet so I figured it might be neat. The places themselves are pretty cool buildings and I think that they have some cool possibilities.

But the first show I saw at the Bund18 Creative Center appeared to me to be more or less a design show, with the products become mass produced soon after the show. (I mean the stuff was neat but it just seemed like a design show to me - whether that fits under what should be shown in a gallery or not? I'm not sure)

The other one at 3 on the Bund was definitely different - with the big ball that would inflate and deflate over time and this big supposedly figure 8 structure composed of LCD screens with people crawling from screen to screen. If you clapped they would go backwards. I failed to see the amazingness or see any big messages click with me as I went to either show.

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