Thursday, May 15, 2008


The End Has No End is a big space (above an Armani store!!) with 3 pieces sparsely placed: a large tunnel in the shape of a figure-8, some videos displaying a big red balloon placed by the street, and an actual grey balloon in the space being blown up. The tunnel has a line of LCD screens showing people crawling through. This piece reminds me of Hu Jie Min's interactive piece with a series of screens of one person crawling, and when the viewer claps, the person moves backward. The End Has No End is definitely experiential but what kind of experience is it? I would have rather seen the balloon under a bridge, in public. The figure 8 tunnel may call to mind the number 8, which is a special number in Chinese culture, but what is the point of the piece, what significance does the piece have? It also seems very cliche that the people crawling are from all different cultures.

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