Wednesday, May 14, 2008


For this exhibition, the huge installation titled “Eight” was the most impressive to me, created by Du Zhenjun.

“It is a 5m tall curved figure 8 tower made out of steel pipe, pipe width 48mm. A black wooden tunnel forms the base, installed are 60 LCD monitors that would go through the tunnel. The images from the monitors are controlled by a computer, a controller, an acoustic sensor, and an interface. The queuing images are composed of people crawling from one monitor to another along the figure 8 , like a group of busy and tireless ants crawling in a tunnel. When an instruction is given by the audience , it will alter the direction of the crawling motion.”

From the brief introduction above, the artist has well created an atmosphere of the profound fear deep in our heart., especially in such a highly-competitive world. We keep looking for certain way leading us to a brighter life, sometimes we follow others’ step though it is out of our true willingness. Why? Because of the fear, a natural character of human beings, we fear that we are been left behind and been isolated. In such a black tunnel, a long queue gives us a bit sense of security since we know that we are not alone. Following the others, no matter the direction is right or not, it makes feel the true existence. There is some invisible force controlling our life, and this kind of force change with the times. The main stream of social ideology , the cultural and moral value , or the changeable life condition in current world? So ,there is full of uncertainty in this regard.

Just like the setting of the installation that the audiences can reverse the direction of the figures’ movement by means of clapping or by activating our voice, it reflects that the unstable condition in our heart. Lots of us seem to be easily influenced by the surroundings. We seem to be busy enough everyday to pursue some thing but it looks like impossible for us to see the end. We keep changing our direction with the times. The figure 8 in chinese has many meanings, for me , the first sight , it just looks like two circles that with no end. Finally, I found my first impression is not far from the idea that the artist wants to express. These days , sometimes I felt a little down and the feeling just like struggling in a black hole ,never finding a way to get out.. That maybe explain why I was totally attracted by such installation. Fear, worry, anxiety ,all seem to be endless in our life.

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