Thursday, May 29, 2008

Night on Earth

So surprised and disappointed that Shanghai Art Museum should close early than 4:30 pm, I instead went to the MOCA nearby.
The show was called Night on Earth: Spatial Constructions and Time based Collisions. In my eyes, the show has something in common with the one on Bund 3 last week. Both of them have tried to seek the relations between one thing and another whether it is globalization vs. environmental protection or cultural events.
Yet, MOCA again proves itself as a successful non-profit yet money-making museum, as we could see in pictures, which made me recall the show on Bund 18 – which I would rather call an “IKEA” exhibition.

“How could people doing contemporary art support themselves?”
I went to the NYU exhibition with one of my friend who is also a business student. It was when we went through the front gate without any tickets paid that she raised this question which has also be my one for a long time.
The show itself, however, was exciting. First, exciting to see so many familiar names and faces on art works :) I particularly enjoy the video work, which “precisely” reflects my life realities (so it is with my generation) – idling all day in front of TV or computer, losing everything but gaining weight and the like.

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