Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Post traditional

It was an amazing experience to visit Art+Shanghai art space because the exhibitions presented there were really impressive. I found almost each piece of them was full of story and needs profound thinking .

Especially, I want to make some comment these following pictures. First is those created by Yao Lu, who is trying to show the contemporary era through Chinese traditional culture. At first sight of his photographs from distance, I totally think it is just Chinese traditional “Shangshui” paintings. But when I took a closer look , I were shocked. The main material was the construction sites, which are common seen in big cities. Really creative! He wisely use the traditional technique in Chinese Painting ,combining the idea of nature and the urban landscape. Personally , I like his photographic technique ,a relatively modern method to present us with a scene picturesque , and the sharp turn between my first and second sight is really unbelievable. This also reminds me with the reality that when the government reconstruct some relics, the project looks good but in fact some unpleasant things are under the surface.

Also, a picture created by Song Gang named Paradise also left me with deep impression. His paintings depict the capricious and uncertain mood of adolescence. His blue interior scenes create a melancholic and poetic air. No doubt that the whole blue really caught my eye, and the texture he employs in the paintings creates more oppression and constraint. I talked with someone there and got know that what Song wants to critic is those chinese girls living in the modern society, who are always looking for big brands or other superficial things , meanwhile , getting lost in their original cultures. They try to dress themselves like 30s while they are only 20 etc. And I heard the “junk girls” for the first time, maybe that is it! I like the figuring girl in his paintings, a bit innocent and naïve, at least they look like dreaming about something, not so sophistical.

I found almost each of the artworks deserves more words. For example, the painting created by Hao Liang, using the crane images to critic the severe pollutions today; the paintings created by He Jian, depicting the wedding ,the celebration ,and the get-together scenes, present us with faces in old time by contrast to situation we are familiar with in today’s world. So it is difficult to read the exact activity in their deep heart and we can hardly guess how they feel through their facial expressions. Since no matter in what kind of situation, all the facial expressions look like the same ,no smile and a bit serious. It is not only a contrast between the old times and the new world. I find some gaps between people’s mental thoughts and their behavior, some part is always ahead of the others.

Most of the works I saw that day is critical and full of story and idea. Not too abstract but still worth deeply looking into. I especially asked why they choose that location to set the art space, the answer is hoping the visitor there just come for art. And small group is especially welcome. When I heard that some of the works are already sold, I felt strongly that they were really not bad choices for collectors. Indeed, it was an amazing experience!

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