Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shanghai Art Museum: Power-Thonik's Design

I was pleasantly surprised with the exhibition at the Shanghai Art Museum. It had work that was well done and displayed well and there was definitely thought put behind it. I can't say that it entirely felt coherent throughout the whole piece and that I came away with a message after it, but I was definitely impressed by what I saw and individually the works were well done - they all did share the common theme of appearing modern though. I did like the short video about the advertisement that had been created against a health care issue in the Netherlands and how that effectively reversed the policy. I also liked the portraits that were created using the other faces of individuals, I tried to notice a pattern there and it seemed that most of the faces used to create a portrait were from the photo directly to the left or right of the one it was creating but that only held true for most of the faces, not all of them on the picture (I hope that makes sense :P)

The carpets were neat, and like I said I was generally impressed by the works - but I didn't seem to get a overarching theme or really a lot of the purpose behind creating the works themselves - but then again maybe that's my own fault for not thinking about them long enough.

For this little area there was an iPod Touch look-a-like that would play a short video that composed mostly of sounds that were universal so it was easy to understand. But I didn't really get the point, maybe that's the running theme =P (Maybe I'm getting too used to looking for one certain type of influence in a work).

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