Thursday, May 08, 2008

Notes for Class: Body Brush

Above is Body Brush in action, Young Hay described the inspiration of Body Brush from artists such as Jackson Pollock (below), "but pushing it a step further".

After our class discussion touching on points such as the future of newly established museums to the power of the internet, I found the interview on the artist Young Hay, to be of interest to the class.
As for myself I have never been one to understand science technology, for that matter computers at all, other then the basic internet, Microsoft word, and itunes. Yet, Young Hay's invention of the Body Brush in 2001 gave me a better understanding and outlook on the new media techniques in contemporary art and computer science.
In its most basic terms, Body Brush is an interactive and 3D artist canvas. A place in which anyone can create a 3D work of art. Using their body as the brush, each movement is recorded and imposed on the screen, which can be viewed then with 3D glasses.
For our class discussion this week I would like to further discuss what roles technology and computers play in works of art as well as the discussion of online artists spaces, and museums roles in internet fine arts. As I mentioned last week, this "break down" between what defines art is always changing, for example a mix between fashion and fine art. Computer science has been able to interact with fine art as well. Fine art, in return with computer science, through projects such as Body Brush, has been able to benefit medical science too by allowing a new form of physical art therapy to emerge.

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