Thursday, September 21, 2006

We were at the Zendai Museum today!

We visited ‘The Twelve: Chinese Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition 2006’ today. Thanks to Jody, Yoki Xiao and Jennifer! 12 recipients of the CCA Awards are featured in this exhibition, the largest of the Biennale’s concurrent showcases. Works from Cao Fei (Whose Utopia?- performance/interview project done with Osrem lightbulb factory workers in Foshan) is striking! Works by Heng Guogu, Chen Shaoxiong, Gong Jian, Hong Hao, Kan Xuan, Li Dafang, Liu Wei, Qing Ga, Qiu Anxiong, Zhou Xiaohu, and Huang Yongping among others.

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bash cuz said...

this is the greatest picture of all time