Thursday, September 21, 2006

Collaborative Presentations on the State of Museums in China

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o Collaborative Presentation

Group # 1
Greg + Charlie + Alicia,,

Group #2
Sonia + Joshua + Alex,,

Next week's group presentation should allow you to engage in a critical dialogue with these three major museum visits you have recently completed. The goal is also to learn the value of collaborative projects by undertaking a group presentation in response to issues raised by the site visits.

In your presentation, please respond to the issues and challenges of contemporary art presentation and museology in China- posed by the site museum visits. Feel free to draw also cues from the other museum visits you have done during your orientation or previous visits in Shanghai. Consider the many questions about the state of the museums in Shanghai and China.

For example, with the new museums (both private and public) making their way into almost every phase of the culture and rooting themselves in the day to day lives of Chinese audiences, what do you perceive as failures and successes? How is contemporary art/new media merging with physical space? What are the conditions for art display? How do you measure professionalism? What is the context and history of museology in China? What do you think are the impacts of museums on the rapidly changing society? What do sponsorship, museum conditions, conservation really mean in China?

Create a creative concept for your presentation. Include your own documentation and skills. Some tools can include photos, drawings, paintings, books, animations, music, spoken word, acting, projection, Internet, youtube etc.

Each presentation should be 25-30 minutes.

Have fun!

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