Friday, September 29, 2006

BJG II: Art Economy Forum Schedule

October 6,2006
Current Creation Situation and Recent Collection Trends of Contemporary Art

Host: Pi Li (Curator, Art Critic)
14:00—14:20 Opening Speech by Shang Yusheng, Secretary-General, Wu Zuoren International Foundation of Fine Arts
14:25—15:15 A Speech by Fan Di’an, Director, National Art Museum of China
15:20—16:10 A Speech by Uli Sigg, Former Ambassador of Switzerland in China, Art Collector
16:15—17:05 A Speech by Pierre Huber, Founder of The gallery Art & Public
17:05—17:35 Discussion

October 7, 2006
The Strategy in Art Investment and The Management of Art Fund

Host: Yu Tianhong (Vice-Director,Tai He Media Group)
14:00—14:50 A Speech by Jone Tancock, Vice-Dirctor, Sotheby’s New York Ltd.
14:55—15:45 A Speech by Friedhelm Huette, Curator of Deutsche Bank
15:50—16:40 A Speech by Zhangfan, CEO, Sequoia Capital China
16:40—17:10 Discussion

2. Special Forum

October 8, 2006
Concept and Strategy—Management of Gallery in the Globalization Background

Host: Gu Weijie (Producer and Chief-Editor, Art Finance Magazine)
Speakers: Directors of six different galleries from around the world, which are very young or not well-known, but promising. They will introduce their galleries’ history, management style and represented artists, and discuss the recent trends in their local art market.

14:00—14:30 A Speech by Alexander Ochs, Director of Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin / Beijing
14:35—15:05 A Speech by Meg Maggio, Director of The gallery Pekin Fine Arts
15:10—15:25 A Speech by Yun Chea Gab, Director of The gallery Arario Beijing
15:30—15:45 A Speech by Ye Mingxun, Director of Main Trend Gallery
15:50—16:05 A Speech by Xiao Qiong, Director of The gallery C5 Art
16:10—16:25 A Speech by Fang Fang, Director of Star Gallery
16:30—17:00 Discussion

October 9,2006
Topic: Art and The Public-The Goals and Responsibilities of Contemporary Art Medium
Speech Time: 15 minutes for each Chinese speaker and 30 minutes (including translation) for each foreign speaker
Host: Zhao Li (Vice-President, School of Liberal Arts Central Academy of Fine Arts)
Speakers: 6 experts from famous public media, art media and web media around the world. They will introduce national and international art newspapers, art magazines, art book publishers and art websites, and discuss the recent trends in contemporary art news report.
14:00—14:30 A Speech by Inna Kanounikova, Manager, LTB Media Liaison Office
14:35—14:50 A Speech by Shu Kewen, Sub-editor, San Lian Life Weekly
14:55—15:10 A Speech by Jiang Wei, Director,
15:15—15:30 A Speech by Zhu Qi, Chief-Editor, Art Map Magazine
15:35—15:50 A Speech by Gu Weijie, Producer and Chief-Editor, Art Finance Magazine
15:55—16:10 A Speech by Wang Gang, Director,

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