Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Requirements / Grading

Class work:
  • in-class group response (these presentations are to be synopses of research rooted in the experience based on site visits / guest lecturers or the readings) and short reviews,
  • documentation of experience
  • individual mid-term presentation on an historical exhibition related to course material/ documentation-in-progress;
  • a final research paper in which students analyze the field in a focus area of their own choosing, integrating at least some of the presentations and visits that will be made during the course of the class.

  • Participation In Class/ Blog: (In-class presentations, weekly reviews, on-line responses): %45
  • Individual mid-term presentation: %15
  • Online/Offline Experience Documentation: %15 (journalistic/ archival skills combined with curiosity and enthusiasm )
  • Final Paper: %25
Miss more than 3 classes= NCR.
Auditing students are expected to partake in weekly presentations, site visits, and on-line contributions.

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AlexFeng said...

Hey Defne, I'm Alex, one of the auditing students, I'm just wondering how long will this class be taking, what we are going to do is exactly the same with the ordinary students except the mid-term presentation and final paper, right?