Sunday, September 17, 2006

Artist List for Presentations next week

Here is the artist list for presentations next week:

  • Chen Yifei
  • Qu Leilei
  • Huang Rui *
  • Wang Keping *
  • Ma Desheng *
  • Li Shuang
  • Ai Weiwei*
  • Yan Li
  • Shao Fei
  • Qu Leilei
  • Bo Yun
  • Yang Yiping

+ Regarding the 600-word review of MoCa Envisage: I would like you to take a stab particularly at the following works:
  • Yang Fudong's video
  • Zhao Bandi's performance/installation (what is he after with the Panda symbolism?)
  • Miao Xiachun's Last Judgement video and prints (Why is the artist taking the center stage in a digitally rendered form?)
  • Qiu Jie drawings on paper
  • Liu Jianhua's "Can You Tell me?" (especially the social questions the work is raising)
  • Du Zhenjun's interactive installation "Wind" (The relationship between media saturation and absurdity) and
  • Zhou Liju's mini miniature carvings (why should we re-evaluate these works within the contemporary art context?)

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