Monday, September 11, 2006

Propaganda Poster Art Centre

Mao Red Book Students

We went to the Propaganda Poster Art Museum in the second half of the first class. The museum was in the basement of a building part of an apartment complex in the former French Concession. On display are propaganda posters from the Mao era (1949-1979), among them happy, utopian posters showing Farmers in the field with an abundance of food in their baskets, designs against leaders and Gang of Four fallen out of grace, and displays of enthusiastic volunteers spreading the Red Book.

The owner of the museum, Mr. Yang Pei Ming, was generous with his time and responded to our questions. Mr. Yang started collecting the posters as a hobby and it has evolved into a collection of more than 3000 pieces. His collection, he told us, will be displayed at Asia Society along with works of art and writings.

Propaganda Poster Art Center
Huashan Lu Room BOC 868 /cross street Wukang Lu
Tel: +86 (139) 0184-1246 or +86 (21) 6211-1845
Open Daily: 9am-4:30pm

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