Tuesday, September 19, 2006

1234 Music Festival

A picture from 1234 Music Festival by Shanghaistreets- from Shanghai's Sanja Harbor.
Participating bands included: 顶楼马戏团 (Top Floor Circus), 14行诗 (Sonnet), 摩天轮 , 甜蜜的孩子 The Honeys, 21G, 羽果 Flying Fruit, 大傻帽, 扩音器 Amplifier,
Happysky, 蜜三刀, JOYSIDE, 生命之饼, Angry Jerks, Life for drinking(喝一辈子), unregenerate blood(不复之血), banana monky, 快乐弦 (Happy String), Heaven’s Door, and Mint.

Anyone went to check out the shows? Tell us about it.

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