Monday, March 02, 2009

Shanghai Zendai MoMA Presents " Intrude Art & Life 366"

Zendai Art

Intrude: Art & Life 366 is an exhibit which highlights a year of art interacting with the public sphere. In an increasingly urban environment it is easy to overlook your neighbors and the changing world around you. the collection consists of 60 works chosen from the original 366 , one for each day of 2008. The art is intended to engage with the city of Shanghai, and awaken its dreamy citizenship to the challenges of a culture in fast forward. A wide array of mediums and styles were implemented in the production of the works, with documentary being the predominate form of display.

The project "Injured Angels" is one of the most well known works from the exhibit and was created by the well known Chinese artist Liu Jin. Several life-sized sculptures of angels modeled after the artist's own form were suspended from the tops of high rise buildings in Shanghai. It generated a controversy among the citizens of the city, and some of the angels were removed from the buildings.


"Injured Angels" Displayed at Zendai

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