Wednesday, March 11, 2009


By far the best part of our Saturday tour of Beijing was the tour of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. I was surprised to be led through a sprawling campus, complete with not only green fields and dormitories, but also a very large museum that serves as a showcase for student's work. The day we were there happened to coincide with the national test day for all rising university freshman. The description of the exam's level of difficulty and the highly selective nature of the process helped to provide an explanation for the existence of such an incredibly extensive and elaborate campus. 

We were led through the main design building. Each floor housed a different discipline and every student had staked out their space. Each desk and wall was plastered with different stickers and posters- favorite designers, favorite cars, favorite movies. 

The only thing that surprised me was that there wasn't more student work on display in the academic buildings. It seemed like there was more to see on people's desks than there was in the display cases they had set up in many of the halls and lobbies. 

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