Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drugs, Sex and Bai Jiu

So firstly, lets separate the this week's entry into a tale of two cities....

Shanghai: It's seems the galleries (and even the scene) in Sh are few are far between. The ShanghART H space show was pretty interesting and gave us insight on the process of many of china's leading artists. I thought it was very amusing and quite strong. 3.5/5
The studio of Mr.Zhou Tieihai was also interesting and kind of gave me a more complete view of an artist's resources, habitat and inspiration in Shanghai.
The empty hollowed space that was Biz-art in a way also gave me a better understanding of Shanghai.
As a whole, M50 seemed to be either just about to explode or about to wither and die.

Beijing: Quite the opposite in the way 798 felt. With people from many different walks of life (chinese and foreign, artfucks and tourists alike) were all enjoying a weekend in one of the worlds largest art districts. Last time i was in 798 it was still developing (closer to that of M50 currently), by now though, the cafes and restaurants had seamlessly (and shamelessly?) eased into the galleries as well.
The Ullens show of Qiu Zhijie was one of the best shows in recent memory. The completeness of the installation and concept was extremely strong and carried with it the vision and intent of the artist. 4.5/5

see you in class,

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