Monday, October 02, 2006

Pecha Kucha Night Vol.3

First , I want to thanks Defne to give me the chance to visit this party which involved with many foreign designers. It's my first time to take part in a foreigners' party. And I also want to thanks Alicia who went along with me that do not make me feel alone by surrounding with strangers. Because this party is a little noisy and I am busy with taking photos, I failed to take a note with the speech and even memorize some of the speakers' names. I will just talk about my feelings according to my memory and the photos.
This is the entrance wall, the irregular alining stone make this wall kinds of special, with a broad lense viewing it, it looks some majesty.This is the side wall painted with doodles, the doodles are belong to the underground culture, which is forbiding by the goverment(since it is started from the west, it's just the beginning in china, so it is not common to see it), so this wall appeared in this private( or maybe public) looks particular. And the most interesting thing is in the left wall of the picture, you can see that the doodles, the wall and the liana merged into a whole thing, it looks so natural.
these two pictures are from the stairway, although it is an under decorating building( some parts of it has not be installed), the signs are so attracting. I am believed that they must be prepared by the FAR. These detailed things showed how careful the organizer is and how design are close to the daily life.In the party, the workers are lighting up the candles of the Logo "FAR"

I want to illustrate some of my favorite works in that day's party.The first one I want to talk about is the works from a couple - Carte & Sharky.In this couple's work, I saw a new kind of art style, combining the traditional chinese painting with foreign line drawing, and they are combined so natural and harmonize. Couples like them who are both talented in art and from different nationality are not so commen, however, those who can combine their art styles and create a new one may be only are them. I am so appreciate them and even some kinds of envy them, they are so happy to merge their love into their art works. These are some of their works below:
From this picture we can see that the use of the chinese ink and the strong of the stroke of English character are harmoniously merged into each other, the random red/yellow is both exaggerate and natural. The ink marks and fine lines of the mansion are so close to each other but also form a contrast. From artists ' others work we also can see the use of ink and stroke make the person drawing using ink possible.The combing of west and east is so obvious in author's work. Boldly use of bright colors and chinese stroke of english character are also the traits.
The couple also use a progress to show how they usually create their drawlings. From the first picture we can see that their works did have some practical meanings. And usually use the bright color to display it, and use the dim ink painting to help people to imagine.

The next that I want to introducted is a Chinese designer, whose major is designing post as well as Logo, T-shirts and clothes. I am very sorry for forgeting his name. This is what he designed for a toy:This artist is very good at using black and white, which also the most classic and difficult- displaying colors, we also can see he use it on the clothes designing later.
these are the post that he designed for the Nike company, there are also a picture shows he designed a color for a Nike SB shoes( which I did not take it). Since one of my friends is a sneaker, I more or less know something about the Nike SB shoes. Nike company always choose a famous designer for a new shoes. So it must be some special spotlights in this artist.
These are the some design he made for fashion clothes. From the use of color and patterns , we can see he prefer to using the traditional picture and color to reveal the popular in that decades. It some kind of cater for the fashion of the trend in Nike and Addidas shoes.These pattern are also designed from his hand. We all know, sk8 is always the trends in the teenagers. Cause the picture is not very clear, I canot discuss it in detail.this is his one shot in designing clothes, which is very different from graphic design, so it is a challenge for him.

I was supposed to discuss another speaker john, since Alicia is one of his fans, I think she is much more powerful in the review. Here is one picture of John.
In retrospect to the whole party, I think it is very good way to show yourself in public. Everyone in this got satisfied, party is party, show is show. And I realise, communication is very important in design world, it is a way of learning as well as the initial phase of design. And it is also the key phase of the marketing in design. Oh, I remembered that there was a deputy of a oversea company, who displayed a group of chart to reveal the austerity environment in china.From the contrast among China, Europe, North American and the investigation of the chinese policy, the company use an easy understanding chart to illustrate the hard situation. Regardless of pollution and energying unreasonable comsuming, the main question in my head is why it is foreign country to survey the situation instead of our own company. Is that less powerful, or is the data is limited by the policy or the whole nation do not have a long sight focusing on this issue. Will the result be strong enough to alert the native people? It's maybe not close to the theme of the party, but what a designer would do to reveal the terrible social reality? Or may be it is the main obligation of the designer.


charlie cai said...

Wow. Just wow. If I could leave my comment at that, I would do so not only for the literary effect but also to more clearly express my current emotions as I'm looking at these pictures you took. I'd definitely say with the long list of pictures, and the variety of these art pieces, you definitely have presented PKN vol.3 in a very representative way by listing many photos, symbolic of how the artists at PKN vol.3 in the short spam of time.

thanks for the great pics.

alicia said...

what can I say, nice pictures, insightful illustrations, comprehensive content. Good job! By the way, I'm not a fan of John, I just read about him in the newspaper before, and he is the only one I'm a little familiar with among all the celebrities, and he is also a postgraduate of ECNU and his major is the same with mine, so I'm just a little excited:)