Thursday, October 26, 2006

History of chemistry 2 by Lu Chunsheng

History of chemistry 2
Excessively restrained mountaineering fancier
Premiere of Lu Chunsheng’s film

Premiere: November 18th, 2006, Saturday (19:00-22:00)
Venue: Paradise Theatre, 308, AnFu Road, by Hua Shan Road
Please dial +8621 62775358 to book your seat.

Exhibition Dates: November 19th- 24th, 2006
Venue: Shanghai BizArt Art Center, Moganshan Rd 50, Building 7th, 4th Floor. 200060

The “company” circuilates with enormous difficulty. “He” is at the edge of bankruptcy
“mountaineering fancier” from three “companies” have been tracing A…..
A , who left the “company” already , is holding a pivotal “contract”about a big trade.
In order to obtain this “contract”, at “the last moment”, the tide could be transferred to some areas of the city which were surveyed time and again by the “mountaineering fancier””.
Thereupon the new “climate” formed ……
This “climate” would compel A to the highland ……
This unfinished “contract” which had the “power of prediction” would be taken to the mare liberum ultimately, and trade on a gambling ship……
Afterward, the “company” got rid of the heavy burden caused by debt crisis gradually.
Finally, the exploiting project about the future terrain started to came to action and became vast and mighty ……

As the story goes,A is the descendant of John Dee. ……

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