Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bund 3

This exhibition is located at Bund 3, named ‘City in Progress / Live from Zhang Jiang’, a nonprofit Gallery. The size of the gallery is kind of small, embracing numerable art works; however, it is so decorated in details, even the identities on the wall or the simplified map painted on the floor from original map of Zhang Jiang. The not commodious room nevertheless conveys to people a sense of void, as if the feeling generated from the developing industrial area of Zhang Jiang according to the topic. From the topic and the atmosphere emanated from the artists, we can conclude this exhibition is at the root of analysis of the conformation of the high-tech industrial area of Zhang Jiang, as a epitome of the industry area of China, relying on many kinds of expression, like TV, projector, or live imitation, interactively and artistically depicts the contemporary and future direction of the industry area of China. It can be said that it is a successful attempt to organically combine the area construction with creative mode of contemporary art. Zhangjiang is a special representative industry area in Shanghai, meanwhile an indispensable economical component. Large areas, approximate consummate infrastructures, convenience traffic, lack of residents are all characteristics of this area. However, the lack of humanity more and more become the morbid symptom. Moreover, the form of art to some extend can emphasize and magnify these phenomena, intriguing more socialists’ attention. The below are some photos from the gallery.

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