Thursday, October 19, 2006

China+Japan Dual Solo Exhibition

井ART画廊请你参观 中+日2位艺术家个展
JING ART GALLERY invites you to a China+Japan Dual Solo Exhibition

韩 冰 HAN Bing “日常圣像 Quotidian Iconic” (China)
折元 立身ORIMOTO Tatsumi “日常圣母 Quotidian Holy Mother”(Japan)

通过两位艺术家的作品来探讨中日两国的日常思考, 同时对比两国艺术家的不同态度所

China and Japan. These two countries have both undergone experiences of accelerated economic development at different times, necessitating internationalization. If one suddenly stopped and looked around, however, they would discover that life had grown increasingly technologized, dehumanized and estranged from our basic natures.
In this world of extremely modernized, stylized cities—Han Bing, living in Beijing and Orimoto Tatsumi living in Kawasaki—have brought moments from their everyday lives to the world outside, asking viewers to ponder something unforgettable and ineffable. Their works manifest a kind of feeling that is engendered from within.
What people who are forcing these developments on the world need most is to slow down and take a long look at quotidian life going on around them. On the occasion of this exhibition, through the works of these two artists, I hope to offer an exploration of the everyday meditations of China and Japan, contrasting, at the same time, the varying attitudes used by these artists to create photography works that are both conceptual and yet intimately close to real life. (M K)
- Mari FURUKAWA (Wanli)

开幕酒会与行为表演:2006年10月21日下午 2 点-6点
Opening Party/Performance: 21 October,2006 14:00-18:00
Dates: 22 October, 2006 – 19 November, 2006
展出地点:井ART画廊  上海市闵行区七莘路3758号(近沪青平公路)
Place:JING ART GALLERY, 3758 QixinRd., Minhang District, Shanghai, China(Near Huqingping Rd.)
开放时间:10:00--18:00 星期一休息(Closed Mondays)
Tel: +86-(0)21-54850700 Fax: +86-(0)21-54856224 E-mail:

策 划:万里
Curator: Mari FURUKAWA(Wanli) 联合策划: 迈涯 (韩冰), 松永 康(折元 立身)
Curatorial Coordinators:Maya KOVSKAYA (HAN Bing), MATSUNAGA Ko (ORIMOTO Tatsumi) 策划助理:吴 予, 陈 洪伟
Curatorial Assistant: WU Yu,Victor CHEN
总协调:朱 丽
General Coordinator: Julie SHU

赞助: 牧井不锈钢株式会社
后援: 日本国驻上海总领事馆

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