Saturday, October 14, 2006

Moganshan Art District

---- a secret place in the city

Nobody seems to know the place, even the cab driver. It's like a secret place in the city and this appeals to me very much. When we arrived at Moganshan Lu, this mysterious place begin to unveil itself: empty street, graffiti,wasted warehouse. But instead of being inanimate, it gives forth the smell of art. As we got closer, many art studioes and galleries appears.


I like the name of "Bizart" very much. Davide gave us a very insightful lecture and explained the complication and something we don't know about art, like the forces of the government they have to face when organizing an exhibition. The following work is "a world can't be without electricity".

East link

East Link is a spacious place, and there are three rooms inside. They are pictures of experimental art of modern life, works reflected the Cultural Revolution, and a collection of wood furniture antiques respectively.

Shanghart Gallery

I think the Shanghart Gallery can be a representive of this art district. It is a typical warehouse with high ceilings, shabby walls. There are also many documentations of artists.

high ceilling, interesting floor:

Three pieces of work:

very interesting works

M50, a secret place, produces a large quatity of art works. There are no noises, but quiet and full of art spirit. I enjoy the visits as well as the lectures very much.

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