Friday, October 13, 2006

M50 review

M50 is a very special art district where massed with many galleries and artists locating in large groups of depots. Regardless of the rubbishy street (old, dirty street, even the cab driver has not heard about) and the letter written by some person who used to live in the neighborhood to appeal that some land agent forced to occupied his house, M50 is a unique product of the new attitude and policy of the local government which reveals the contemporary art gradually blooming and merging into the culture and economy. Simple and crude houses can not conceal the gorgeous art works in them. The whole area permeates the breath of art and the ropey wall better stand out the solemn and quiet atmosphere. Modern signs, logos and old depots and all kinds of arts, numerous inconsonant things form the entire M50, just like you haven’t stop memorizing the works in one gallery and then step into another art world. Outside the M50, more and more galleries and workshops are under construction, as MSG gallery. In the lecture given by Davide, I fundamentally understand the association between the art gallery, exhibition, museum and the government. The conversation totally breaks up my view of foreign artists in China, which I used to think they are oversea communicators to find the connection between different culture background and they must have some privilege as an artist and with a considerable salary. Now I learned that it’s also or even harder than domestic artists to publicize their works or modern ideas and not so easy to make a profit. Now I’ll illustrate some works seen in M50 below.

This is a work from EastLink Gallery, there are losts of great works there, and many of them is photos of perform art. From the introduction book I learned that this gallery more focus on the association between science and art. Some of them are through accurate calculated, like the chair above, and this remind me the aim of MIT media lab, use kinds of modern technique to perform art. And the manager there is also big collector. There are so many interesting collections.Like this oneZeng Fanzhi is a very talent oil painter, from his works we can see he is pretty good at manifest lines, these clutter and delicate lines give us great imagination.Those are two pieces of his works.

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charlie cai said...

Great job once again Alex. I enjoy looking at your pictures as I read your post. The pictures compliment the post and present the post in a very orderly structure that reflects the chronological and methodical progress we made going from Moganshan Road into the various art galleries and ultimately ending our tour with Zhen Fengzhi's individual gallery.

P.S. do you have any of Zhen Fengzhi's pictures on flickr that I may borrow. I like one of them in particular and wish to write about it. Thanks, and keep in touch.