Tuesday, October 28, 2008

under luxun banner

Hi everyone, For your weekly blog entries, pick a night or two to attend.

Under Lu Xun Banner: body experience in East Asia
Performing and performance at under-construction new site of ddmwarehouse
Huai Hai Xi Road Shanghai, China
30th October - 3rd November 2008 
Solo Creations  (free)
Produce: Grass Stage Theatre (Shanghai)
30th Oct (Thursday) 19:30
Playwright & performing: Hou Qinghui, Wu Meng, Yu Kai, Qu Han, Fan Haoru, Lin Chen, Bao Wenlu, Leng Yu, Tan Yueming
Artistic director: Zhao Chuan
Lu Xun 2008 (50 yuan)
31st Oct (Friday) and 1st Nov (Saturday) 19:30
Co-produce: Grass Stage (Shanghai), Clash Theatre (Hong Kong), Body Phase Studio (Taipei), DA-M Theatre (Tokyo)
Director: Hiroshi Ohashi (Artistic Director), Wang Molin, Tong Sze Hong, Zhao Chuan
Performing: Takumi HaradaLee Chi Man, Cheng Chih Chung, Chen Cheng
East Asia Body Presentation Series  (free)
2nd Nov (Sunday) 16:30
Performing by: Takumi Harada (Tokyo), Li NingNa(Jinan), Changjin(Seoul), Watan Wuma (Taipei), Chu Sua Man (Hong Kong), Fengzi(Shanghai), Jiangnan Liguo / Lin Xia (Hangzhou)
Showtime (free)
3rd Nov (Monday)  Only for night starting at 20:00
Organized by:Biljana Ciric
Participants: Huang Kui, Jin Feng, Song Tao, Hu Yun, Lu Jiawei, Gao Mingyan,Tang Dixin, Li Mu, Feng Zi
Culture Outpost: Rebellion Youth under the Illusion Light
Nov (Saturday) 16:30 �17:30
Speaker: Li Chun Nei  (Hong Kong)
Forum: Theatre and Social Space � inspired by Lu Xun 2008
2nd Nov (Sunday) 14:0016:00
Guest speakers: Wang Molin, Paik Wondam, Wang Xiao Ming, Zhang Xian and Tao Qing mei
Chaired by: Zhao Chuan
Booking is recommended for all activities.
Email booking: grassstage@gmail.com or Miss Leng 13916285188 (Chinese only)
For more information: www.grassstage .com or http://blog.sina.com.cn/grassstage
Project organized by Zhao Chuan and Biljana Ciric
Project supported by Down Stream Garage/ Arthub Foundation/ Anlian Taohuayuan Youth theatre Found/ Zendai MoMa Intrude Art Project/ Ruixue Art Community



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