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E-arts Festival FInal Cut section

Make sure to see two evenings at Final Cut at E-arts festival 2008. in Xuhui Also try to see as much as you can in other parts of the city such as Pudong!

Shanghai, Xujiahui Public Area (includes LED screens + Greenland for performances)

Arthub, a non profit art organization that promotes contemporary art creation in China and rest of Asia, is delighted to present Final Cut-Processing New Media in Public Space - a five-day programme of live performances, site-specific installations and video screenings in Xuhui District, a flourishing and bustling area of Shanghai. Presented as part of the Shanghai E-arts Festival 2008 with a special focus on the livability of urban space, public sphere, and its transformation through new media, Final Cut has been developed in co-operation with visual artists, musicians, DJs, architects, programmers, dancers, and designers. Featured artists and presenters include Christian Marclay, Elliott Sharp, Wu Na, Bruce Gremo, Wang Li Chuan, 王力川, Ben Houge, Yan Jun 颜峻, Top Floor Circus顶楼马, Aaajiao, Nunu, Ling Xi, B6, Alizia Borsari, Dead J+Chen Xiongwei, Feng Mengbo, Wang Yuyang, Zhou Xiaohu, Michael Bell Smith, Shih Chieh Huang, Terra Bajraghosa, Takeshi Murata, and Eric Siu. On view will also be and 40+4. See map below below for locations. Final Cut is organized by Davide Quadrio and Defne Ayas.


October 18-22- on-going:

// Installations by Wang Yuyang and Zhou Xiaohu.

// Videos by Michael Bell Smith, Shih Chieh Huang, Terra Bajraghosa, Takeshi Murata, and Eric Siu. Plus 40+4 and

// STAGE PROGRAM (at Hengshan Lu and Wanping Lu- click on the map below):

October 18, 7.30pm, Screening of 40+4

Davide Quadrio embarked on an interview project with artists from all streams of art-making, the avant-garde, the traditional, official or academic scene, presenting a cross section of the art scene in Shanghai. Together with Lothar Spree, Zhu Xiaowen, and Xu Jie – the last of whom in the role of professional interviewer – 40+4 probed the relationship between the artists, their work, and the evolution of contemporary art in Shanghai over the last two decades. The presentation of this project for eArt represents an open dialogue of the artistic community to the city, a vis a vis discourse that will bring reflections, happiness and frustration, critical analyses of the cultural development of the city in the last 15 years or so.

^October 19, 7.30pm, Patience for the Man 忍而为人-a work in progress by Aaajiao with Nunu, Ling Xi, B6 and Alizia Borsari

忍而为人 “Patience for the Man” is born, following a number of workshops to explore the possibility of an open creative interdisciplinary production, where the single “actors” could, through the work in progress, know each other and generate new artistic content, meaning and directions. Select visual artists were asked to go beyond their medium and to experience new techniques of expressions more affiliated to what has been defined as “sensorial theatre”. The result is a multi-media presentation, a live performance within a musicscape. Both B6 and Aaajiao perform live together with the dancers on a stage created by the architect duo Wang Zhenfei and Wang Luming- a presentation that still advocates a possible declination of a work in progress, a temporary result that will be further developed in future presentations.

^October 20, 7.30pm, Dead DJ+Chen Xiongwei- live performance

Exploring once again the DJ status as a performance “in travesty”, Deadj presents his music on a multi-layered video screening created by Chen Xiongwei, combining sounds and images both performed live. The minimalist music created by Deadj will be accompanied by Chen’s digitalized and psychedelic images of public spaces in Shanghai.

^October 21, 7.30pm, Q2008 by Feng Mengbo - live performance

Beijing-based new media pioneer Feng Mengbo offers audiences a participatory journey in Q2008, through virtual imagery, metaphorically linking game surfing, and painting-making process. The work allows viewers (public audience, artist, player, curator) to assume several of these roles during the course of his presentation, which implies a reconfiguration of the audiences into a cinematic experience as well as into a process of art-making. The time-based nature of his game software shifts itself out of its usual context, and as it comes off of the screen, allows the game character to interact dynamically without a proscribed outcome.

^October 22, 7.30 pm, Screenplay by Christian Marclay- live performance with musicians Elliott Sharp, Wu Na, Bruce Gremo, Wang Li Chuan, 王力川, Ben Houge, Yan Jun 颜峻 and Top Floor Circus顶楼马)

Screenplay is a video score in which found film footage is combined with computer animation to create a visual projection to be interpreted by musicians. Using video projection to convey instructions to musicians, he composed a silent collage of found film footage partially layered with computer graphics to provide a framework in which live music can develop. Screen Play will be interpreted by three different ensembles comprised of Chinese and international musicians. Marclay’s long-time collaborator Elliott Sharp will join him from the avant-garde experimental music scene in New York City, to play with the award-winning guqin player Wu Na, and Chinese opera percussionist Wang Li Chuan 王力川, both from Beijing. Shanghai-based composer and videogame audio guru Ben Houge will explore the various layers of information present in the video, together with Yan Jun 颜峻, a found-sound spinner and master of ambient soundscapes, and Bruce Gremo, a veteran improviser performing on his custom-made electronic flute controller, the Cilia. The opening act will be performed by Top Floor Circus顶楼的马戏团, a Shanghai-based folk-cum-art-cum-punk band.


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