Thursday, October 23, 2008

2008 Shanghai Biennale

This third time to visit shanghai biennale. The first one is 2000 “shanghai”“上海 海上”and the second is “techniques of the visible”. Compared to these two exhibitions, biennale of this year is more interactive and easier approachable to the pubic, especially average people without so much knowledge about contemporary art. I noticed that in the entrance of the exhibition, there is opinion box written in Chinese that all visitors can vote for their favorite exhibits. It is the first time I see things like opinion box which used to appeared in Chinese “spring festival evening show” showed up in biennale.
My favorite exhibit is Liu Ming’s Buddha series. Every picture is about Buddha statuses located in Chinese supermarkets and restaurants in Paris and covered with a film of dedicate dark color by screen roller which produces a sense of distance and faint sadness.

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