Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boobs and more

The e-ARTS festival was an interesting sight to see. It allowed me to see that great difference between what was traditional and what is the potential new style of art for the future. Using technology and creating art is...different. I did not quite understand the art but it was definitely different. The first piece I saw was Q2008. I actually did not get it until the end, until Kevin and Griffen explained what actually went on, such as the fact that the DJ affected the art by clicking as the music progressed. I also was a participant where 40 people went up and clicked a button. I had no idea what the button was for until the end where the DJ showed 40 clips of Q2008. Apparently, we really did have an affect on the art but this piece did not entirely resonate with me. The whole time I was watching the effects, I continuously wondered what was going on, what the button was for, and what the naked girl was doing. I think what I left with was most important though. At the end of the piece, Defnye explained how she was shocked how the piece should have been censored because of the girl's nipples. I won't lie. I was thinking that while watching; how are they not censoring the naked girl. I mean, her nipples were quite distinct. It was just surprising to see how Defnye was just as surprised. It just goes to show how censorship is a constant restraint for China art, and how, perhaps, it is relaxing a bit. I really how no idea all the struggles artists go through and how problematic it is for commercialization; artist's art vs. artist's need to make money and sell to what the public wants. After the midterm project, I really did learn alot about art in China, how difficult and controversial it is. It is not only about making art. There are so many factors behind it all that affects it. I really did not understand the art I saw at E-arts, whether it be on the screen in the park or on the screen on the malls. But it is interesting to see that process of showing art here in China, how at any moment, the piece you have been working on can be censored. Going to the e-ARTS made it easier for me to understand and compare what I saw at all the other exhibits I visited like the Biennial and M50.

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