Thursday, November 25, 2010

Huang Kui

from Mikael Larsson

Huang Kui, born in 1977 works and lives in Sichuan China.
He had a solo show at his representing gallery Shanghart 2009,
And was featured at the Venice Biennale with a performance called
Does god exist? in 2007.

Huang Kui started his career as a classical painter but has since
moved in to creating more performance and installation based pieces.

Just like for many other Chinese artists, it is at least in English
not easy to find much information about the works. I find almost no
descriptions and therefore have to guess and interpret myself how and
why works are made.

I find a PDF on Shanghart's website where in 2007 Huang Kui describes
his works as if peaces of a story portraying himself as Gong Fu living
A.D 181 – A.D 210.

This persona collects pubic hair from beautiful women, and in Huang
Kui's installation piece without an apparent name, jars of pubic hair
is displayed on black pillars,
While in the background a large triptych oil painting is displayed
showing one large strand of hair. Interesting composition, but really
without knowing more I cant fully understand. Maybe this persona he
created for himself is actually a mirror of his present self? Maybe he
himself is a drunken stalker, collecting girls pubic hair; I don't
know. Possibly.

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