Thursday, November 25, 2010

Get It Louder 2010

Joon Nam
Get It Louder 2010

Get It Louder  2010 was held from October 22 to November 7 at Shanghai
800show this year. Based on the idea of Sharism, the goal of the
exhibition was proclaimed to express today's online sharing
communities and practices.
Ok, ok, putting all the fancy introductions aside, the actual
exhibition was not as impressive as I hoped it to be. With the daring
theme called "Sharism", I expected to see more varieties of medium and
creativity. However, my impression after my visit on the opening day
was that it was just another art exhibition, albeit with younger and
newer artists. Certain works like "The Uncovered City" by Jiang Pengyi
or "Controlled Experiments" by Alice Wang were interesting, yet the
rest, to me, were mediocre. As we have been discussing in the class,
perhaps China's modern art is starting to lose the energy it has had
in the 1980's and early 2000's as it settles from an avant-garde into
a mainstream. Even though the show promised an ambitious goal, I feel
that it did not deliver just quite right.


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