Thursday, November 25, 2010

By Day, By Night”

Minji Kim
Introduction to Contemporary Art and New Media
25 November 2010

Blog Entry

I dare to say that the "By Day, By Night" at Rockbund Art Museum was
the most interesting exhibitions among those I've visited in Shanghai
this semester. Rockbund Art Museum shows off its uniqueness, being the
only contemporary art museum in the Bund area with a long history.
Each floor of the museum was filled with very interesting works of the
world's active artists, but what interested me the most was Nedko
Solakov's I Want Back Home, Said the Frog; it was truly a new world to
Solakov's work took the entire fifth floor of the museum. Solakov took
his journey all the way from Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, to
Shanghai with his wife and the dearest toy frog, Joji – and in this
process, he passed through Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia
as well. One of the reasons that makes his work fascinating is that he
does not limit himself within one boundary but uses diverse techniques
including sketches, videos, photography, texts, and paintings. To
encounter with his work reminded me of reading a storybook when I was
a child. He vividly recorded 14 days of his journey, using narratives
and providing photographs. The videos he recorded in different places
of the globe, mostly when he was on train, helped me grab the scent of
each city he went. Solakov wittedly used Joji as the main element of
his work, and his explanation of taking Joji to what he was originally
from generated nostalgia at the same time. It also made me think of
taking the similar overnight train trip from Shanghai to Europe.
Honestly, I loved EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS WORK: his handwriting,
photographs, drawings, and a self-introduction written by himself.
This work was the most ADORABLE work I've seen recently!

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